About Us

As of March 31st the Oz Bicycle Club will cease to exist. In today’s technology rich world with Facebook, Twitter, etc it is so easy for friends to communicate with each other and join each other for a ride. As a result there is very little desire among people to volunteer to help a bicycle club plan and organize events.

For the past 3 years the Oz Bicycle Club has had the same 5 board members. No wizard, no vice wizard, no secretary, no ride planner, etc. As a result the 5 members of the board have planned all rides, scheduled all rides, supported all rides, drove sags, planned picnics, Christmas party, bought food, cleaned up afterward, etc.

Doing all of this left the board members with no time left to ride a bicycle. With that in mind we decided to disband the club and therefore we could go back to riding a bicycle which is what we really love to do anyway.

Leftover funds of the non-profit organization will be donated to Prairie Travelers to assist with rails-to-trails. The Wicked Wind in May will still take place every year ran by Prairie Traveler. Bike Walk Wichita has a calendar on there website that lists rides of all local groups,

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